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Application Tape from Poli-tape

Application Tapes are designed for the quick and dimensionally stable transfer of computer-cut letters, logos and individual designs and are used for the lettering on vehicles, in the field of fairs and exhibitions, in the finishing objects of any kind, as well as for perimeter advertising in sports stadiums.
The range of Application Tapes comprises of a wide variety of adhesive films and papers.

In the area of Application Tapes Film, POLI-TAPE offers an extensive product range of approved ultimate standard of quality. The applied acrylic adhesive is resistant to ageing and humidity and offers excellent processing properties for wet and dry applications.

PT 122

PT 122, 1220mm x 91.4mtr (Medium Tack)

Application Tape based on a special high tensile impregnated paper coated with a natural rubber (Medium Tack). The tape is suitable for transferring lettering and symbols cut from all qualities of self-adhesive vinyls.

Especially to be emphasised are the following properties:

  • Ageing- and UV-stabilised natural rubber.
  • The Application Tape is easy to unroll and position and will not stretch or curl.
  • Constant adhesion within a small tolerance.
  • Suitable for wet application

PT 133

PT 133, 1220mm x 91.4mtr (High Tack)

Application Tape based on a special impregnated paper with low tensile elongation and high wet strength.

Suitable for transferring self-adhesive letters produced from cast and calendered PVC colored films according to CAD/CAM techniques.

Especially to be emphasised are the following properties:

  • The natural rubber adhesive guarantees an excellent adhesion on PVC films because of the relatively high coating weight.
  • The impregnated carrier paper shows an excellent stability of shape, with no curl even under moist conditions.
  • Based on the tape translucence, the alignment – even of small letterings and logos – is simplified.
  • The Application Tape can be rewound easily from the roll.

PT 160


Transparent Application Tape based on a single sided embossed Polypropylene film, with excellent flatness. It is dimensionally stable, easy to unroll, position and will not stretch or curl.

Suitable for transferring self-adhesive signs, logos and lettering produced from cast or calendered CAD/CAM plotter films with matt or brilliant surface.

Especially to be emphasised are the following properties:

• As the tape does not curl, wrinkling is avoided during lamination of large lettering. The film adjusts perfectly to the surface.

• The plasticiser resistant adhesive guarantees a strong initial tack to all types of vinyl films. The Application Tape is easily removed without leaving any residue, even after being left for a period of time.

• Suitable for wet application.

• The film can be torn transversally, which facilitates handling.

• The embossed surface allows the film to be easily unrolled without any accumulation of electrostatic charging.

PT 190


Application Tape based on a one-sided embossed, transparent, dimensionally stable polyethylene film.Ideally suitable for transferring of all cast and calendered PVC CAD/CAM films. Especially to be emphasised are the following properties:

  • The film has a high tensile strength which ensures an exact positioning of all letters. The excellent flatness assists the easy application.
  • The acrylic adhesive is specially developed and has a constant high adhesive strength level. It can be removed without residues, even after a long period of application.
  • Can be used for dry and wet application.
  • Due to the embossed surface, the film unwinds easily. Static charging of the rolls is prevented.

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