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Magnetic Vinyl, White Gloss

Our range of magnetic rolls are suitable for a vast range of applications, available in various thicknesses, roll lengths, widths and pull strengths.It is magnetically enhanced flexible roll material which is the best performing magnetic in Europe. Printed magnetic is perfect for creating retail graphics on steel surfaces in-store.If steel surfaces are not available, we can provide an attractive surface with our adhesive backed ferro sheet range.


White Gloss

Light weight promotional magnets.
400mic Thick x 1200mm wide x 20mtrs long

Retail graphics. Display applications and promotional graphics
600mic Thick x 620mm wide x 10mtrs long

Vehicle signage. Large format, outdoor signage and retail graphics.
850mic Thick x 620mm wide x 10mtrs long
850mic Thick x 1200mm wide x 10mtrs long

Product Advantages

Retail Graphics

We offer printable magnetic rolls in 400, 600 and 850mic thicknesses to suit a wide variety of display applications and promotional graphics.

Vehicle Signage

Use 0.85mm thick, printable rolls for vehicle door signs, it is also great for retail applications.

SpecificationsInk Types

UV, Solvent, Latex or Screen printing.
Suitable for roll to roll or flatbed printing processes.

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