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Polyethylene PE Sheet

PE is a material widely used in the construction of chemical equipment and tanks. On the basis of thematerial’s molecular weight, SIMONA differentiates between the following threeTypes of polyethylene: PE 300, PE 500 and PE 1000.


High chemical resistance ✓
Corrosion resistance ✓
Light resistance and weatherability ✓

High Abrasion Resistance ✓
Excellent Processing Qualities ✓
Very Good Welding Properties ✓

High-density polyethylene
(PE-HD/PE 300)

Alongside its outstanding processability, PE-HD displays High chemical resistance and offers strength and rigidity within a temperature range of between –50°C and +80°C.

High-molecular-weight polyethylene (PE-HMW/PE 500)

PE-HMW combines high strength with good rigidity, as well as allowing efficient processing. The temperature range is from –100°C to +80°C. PE-HMW offers good chemical resistance and superior stress crack resistance in relation to a wide range of media.

Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
(PE-UHMW/PE 1000)

Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) plays a particularly prominent role within our portfolio of pressed sheets .Owing to their low coefficient of friction, products made of PE-UHMW offer an extremely high level of wear and abrasion resistance in relation to metals and other materials. What is more, the temperature range for products within this category is between –260°C and +80°C.

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